Turner Prize Winners Gallery

Turner Prize winners pictures gallery

Turner Prize winners are selected from the best British visual artist. This art award is given by Tate Gallery Britain from the Turner Prize winners & nominees. The prize first started its journey from 1984 and it was named after the romantic British artist JMW Turner. At the starting Turner Prize shortlist is made. It is UK’s most prestigious but controversial art prize. List of Turner Prize winners are available at Wikipedia and they are also known as Tate prize winners.

turner prize winners
turner prize winners

Turner prize shortlist artist is selected from the turner prize nominees artists. From 1984 Turner Prize has selected lots of renowned artists for the best art prize.

For a video installation Charlotte Prodger was the 2018 turner prize winner. The art prize was given for the exhibition Gridgit and Stoneymollan Trail that was at Bergen Kunsthall in Norway. It was selected from Turner Prize nominees 2018. This turner prize 2018 winner artist will present Scotland at 58th Venice Biennial.

turner prize winners
turner prize winners

Turner Prize finalists 2018 was made by the best art experts. From there Turner Prize shortlist 2018 was prepared. All activities of Turner Prize award ceremony was arranged at Tate Britain and winner of the Turner Prize 2018 was announced.

turner prize winners
turner prize winners

Turner Prize winner 2017 was Lubaina Himid. This Turner Prize 2017 winner was first the Turner Prize nominees the turner prize winner was Lubaina Himid. She had lots of paintings and solo exhibitions. Some of her famous installation is Le Rodeur, Kangas, Negative Postives, Swallow hard.

turner prize winners
turner prize winners

Helen Marten Turner Prize is another best arrangement. Helen won the Turner Prize 2016. In Turner Prize shortlist 2016 the other artists were Michael Dean, Anthea Hamilton, Josephine Pryde. She got the art prize for Eucalyptus, Lunar Nibs and On aerial greens.

turner prize winners
turner prize winners

Turner Prize winner 2015 was Assemble. Their art format was Architecture and design. Assemble’s notable works are Granby Four Streets, Granby Winter Garden that was nominated for Turner Prize. In the Turner Prize 2015 nominees others were Bonnie Camplin, Janice Kerbel, Nicole Wermers.

turner prize winners 16
turner prize winners

The Turner Prize winners in 2014 is Duncan Campbell. He became Turner Prize winner for video installation ‘it for others’. In 2014 others nominees were Ciara Phillips, James Richards, Tris Vonna-Michell.

turner prize winners 20 is for Turner Prize 2019 and other best artist in London

Laure Prouvost won Turner Prize 2013 for the installations and collage film. Some of the famous artworks are Dit Learn, Lick in the Past, Wantee. This year turner prize shortlist artists were Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, David Shrigley, Tino Sehgal.

turner prize winners 19 is a best art work for Turner Prize 2019 art exhibition

Elizabeth Price was the Turner Prize winner 2012. She got the art award for her video installation. Three videos were nominated for her and among them ‘The Woolworths Choir’ is the best art work. In 2012 Turner Prize nominees were Spartacus Chetwynd, Luke Fowler, Paul Noble.

turner prize winners 18 is a best art work for Tate Gallery exhibition

Martin Boyce is the Turner Prize winner 2011. He got the Turner Prize for his installation and was nominated for Turner Prize for the exhibition at the Baltic Gallery in Gateshead. In 2011 other nominees were Karla Black. Hilary Lloyd, and George Shaw.

turner prize winners 17

Sushan Philips got Turner Prize 2010 for the sound installation. This Turner Prize winner artist was the first artist who got Turner Prize for sound installation. In 2010 Turner Prize other nominees were Dexter Dalwood, Angela de la Cruz, The Otolith Group and Sagar and Kodwo Dshun.

More Turner Prize winner images below:

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