Turner Prize winners contact persons:

turner prize
Turner Prize winners is an art award given from UK for doing excellent in art and painting

The Turner Prize winners, is one among the world’s most prestigious digital art awards. It has discovered the rate for 2019. It is given annually to a British artists, the prize awards the winner £25,000 (about $32,700). Others artist who participate on the rate receive £5,000 ($6,500).

The turner prize winners are going to be proclaimed in December each year, following Associate in art exhibition of the four artists at Tate Modern art gallery in England, in September. Lots of controversy is there for the art exhibition.

The 2019 Turner Prize’s jury is chaired by Alex Farquharson, who is the director of John Orley of Tate, United Kingdom.  It is additionally includes Alessio Antoniolli, the director of the Art Network; Elvira Dyangani Ose, the director of Art Gallery.

Turner Prize Winners is selected from the visual cultures at Goldsmiths; Victoria Pomery, the Director of Turner Contemporary; and art author Charlie Porter. In the 2020 Turner Prize Winners edition are going to be command at John Orley Tate Gallery, UK

The shortlisted artists for Turner Prize 2019 winners are:

– Lawrence Abu Hamdan, who is a shortlist turner prize artist and works with sound and different media typically delves into the aural qualities of political strife. He’s being recognized for Associate in art exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery and a performance at John Orley Allen Tate fashionable.

– Helen Cammock, whose films, images, prints, texts, and performances that aim to complicate well-known history have shown at the Void art house and therefore the Irish deposit of contemporary Art in national capital.

– Oscar Murillo, a painter and installation artist whose work typically addresses victimization and mass consumption. Last year he showed work the Berlin Biennale and conferred solo shows at Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge and therefore the chi K11 art deposit Shanghai.

– Tai Shani, whose installations considering the standing of girls within the past, present, and future recently featured within the Glasgow International, a solo show at the Tetley in Leeds, and a gaggle show concerning feminism at Nottingham modern.

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