Turner Prize Winners 30

turner prize winners
turner prize winners
turner prize winners

Turner Prize winners 2005 Shimon Starling -2

Turner Prize winners pictures are an illuminating discovery. But once the anecdote has been told, what’s left? This is it that makes one work by this artist better than any other. It was a good story, or the effort involved in carrying out his self-appointed tasks.

Tate prize winners Darren Almond’s If I Had You is a sophisticated, unified experience. It was the first thing that attracts me is the use of sound. It was the slightly off-key piano melody, and it was taken from an album by Richard James (the Aphex Twin).

Turner Prize 2017 winners had the sound of leather-soled shoes stepping and sliding on a ballroom floor. The creaking noise of the painting an illuminated windmill turning on Blackpool Promenade. On the screen Almond’s grandmother, who honeymooned in Blackpool and she loved that place so much that they hadn’t returned since her husband’s death, sits lost in thought.

Turner Prize works for Shimon Starling  

Winner of Turner Prize 2018 was on another screen the camera follows a couple’s shoes. It was as they dance around the ballroom. The artist is at high on another wall. The sails of the windmill of the art work turn in the Lancashire night. At last it was on yet another screen water showers jerkily from a garden fountain of Turner Prize.

2017 Turner Prize is all pretty self-explanatory, and the viewers follow the elements of art. The repeated musical phrase of the melody, the old woman’s introspective expression was good. The revolving windmill in the open field and the water spouting beside the river, the turning dancers, the sound of their steps that are going from speaker to speaker.

Turner Prize shortlist 2018 is as though we were inside a mechanical music box. It was a trapped in the loop of a nostalgic reverie.  As a viewer I admire the sophistication and skill Almond that brings to his work. The total inherent difficulties of the subjects the artist deals with. Currently, Almond’s Ozwiecim March 1997 is considered for being shown in Universal Experience at the Hayward Gallery in London.

Turner Prize winner Shimon’s thinking

2017 Turner Prize is that work, grainy footage of people who were waiting at bus stops to see the art exhibition on the way to the former Auschwitz concentration camp. Beside art it was accompanied by some other Sombre music by Arvo Part. Almond’s problem of painting is that he stays close to emotional manipulation of the painting, and If I Had You verges on the maudlin said Shimon Starlings.

Turner Prize award takes a long time for a painter to find the proper voice. It was especially if it is a voice trying to speak more about art in several different registers. Gillian Carnegie has installed the main exhibition of her paintings extremely well.  But as the art lover I feel there are still a few too many.

Martin Boyce Turner Prize may be because few are strong enough in the view of artist individually. She moves from still life painting to landscape. Later to the figure and to abstraction. It was also back again, adjusting the painting touch as she goes. The larger and smaller versions of the same subject was  a tree in autumn. It was said the face one another man. 

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