Turner Prize Winners 29

turner prize winners
turner prize winners
turner prize winners

Turner Prize Winners 2005 Shimon Starling

Turner Prize winners 2005 exhibition, which opens at Tate Britain was given to Shimon Starling in 2005 and that was to be confronted by the wall of an old shed. It was taking up a good part of Simon Starling’s installation. The installation was the building once stood on the banks of the Rhine. It was before the artist dismantled it, built a traditional boat from the wood.

The artwork used the vessel to transport the rest of the shed downstream to Basel. It that place the whole thing was put back together again for an art exhibition. It was what to say there is an impeccable, absurd logic that we can say for Starling’s work.

For Turner Prize winners art work the artist actually owes as much to Raymond Roussel or to Borges as it does. In this case, to someone like Gordon Matta-Clark, who used to saw up buildings in his art?

Turner Prize winner Shimon Starling’s art

Without any hesitation we can say that the old, weathered objects like this, transferred to the art gallery. It has appeal for Turner Prize winners 1990s. It is the think of Tracey Emin’s former beach hut, or the prow of an old boat that was once displayed by Jannis Kounellis.

But the winners of the Turner Prize 2018 in the end, the various reasons why an artist overlooked  them is really often more interesting. It is more than the objects themselves, unless they have been transformed with the work in an interesting way, as Matta-Clark did.

Turner Prize 2016 winners are good examples that are Cornelia Parker’s exploded shed and contents in her 1991 Cold Dark Matter. It was also Mike Nelson’s bunker buried under an indoor sand dune, shown in Oxford in Turner Prize 2015.

Turner Prize nominated art of Shimon on the river Rhine

Turner Prizes winners back-story is everything in Simon Starling’s work. It is also his Shedboatshed (Mobile Architecture No 2) has another story we don’t know about. The art work eventually bought by the Kunstmuseum in Basel.

Turner Prize tickets are related with  Shedboatshed that was presumably dismantled in Switzerland. Its parts numbered, padded, crated and at that point it transported to Tate Britain in a big truck. This is the place where the piece was put back together again.

Turner Prize award ceremony 2018 was with much care, presumably, was taken not to disturb the desiccated scraps of ivy clinging to its exterior wall.  In the placement of the odds and ends that lie about in its dim interior. But this story about the artist of the passage of an artwork, stays untold.

Turner Prize Sailing house of Shimon on the Rhine

Turner Prize nominees 2017 also have the same stories and they have the similarities about one thing, art another. The art work I like best here also consists of five identical photographs of an open-cast platinum mine in South Africa it was told for Turner Prize in Guardian.

Mark Wallinger Turner Prize has the platinum prints. It have been printed using exactly the amount of metal (about a 10th of an ounce). That metal is derived from one tonne of unpurified ore dug from the mine.

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