Turner Prize Winners 28

turner prize winners 10
turner prize winners 10
turner prize winners

Turner Prize 2007 winners artist Nathan Coley

Turner Prize artist Nathan exhibited the following art works:

The art work Camouflage Church is the most important work of the artist.

The work Camouflage Mosque is about religious art work.

The art work Threshold Sculpture is blocks of wood that visitors to his part of the exhibition had to step over.

The work There Will Be No Miracles Here is the artwork of a sign written in lights saying the above.

The art work Hope and Glory is the work of a model house with “Hope” and the theme was written on one wall and the “Glory” on the other.

Another famous art work of the artist Annihilated Confession is the artwork of three pictures. It was about the confessional boxes and they were sprayed over with black paint and as a result they could hide the images.

What the critics said about Turner Prize winners artist Nathan Coley:

The Guardian said “There Will Be No Miracles Here is the best thing in Coley’s show, which is otherwise crass.”

The Time said “harsh, theoretical and dull.”

The Guardian said “a miserable display…Coley’s show was at best a misjudged aberration.”

The Telegraph said “If the Turner Prize were given on the basis of best-in-show, this year I’d give it to Coley hands down.”

The Independent said “He may well be the most boring artist in Britain. His work is so dull to look at that you swiftly turn to a print-out in search of an explanation – and find the work is wholly explained by its explanation but not made the slightest bit more interesting.”

 Turner Prize winner 2007 artist Mike Nelson

Valuable art pieces exhibited included:

The artwork Double coop displacement is made of wood and chicken wire.

The valuable work Amnesiac Shrine, or The Misplacement (a Futurological Fable): Mirrored Cubes – Inverted – With the Reflection of an Inner Psyche as Represented by a Metaphorical Landscape. It is about a shrine to bikers (“The Amnesiacs”), it is also about veterans of the first Gulf War. First one walks past a fake but nice bonfire made of cut up traffic cones and wood. At the same time there are four cubes with openings in them. When one looks inside the object of the image there is a vista of tiny lights.

The artist said about Turner Prize 2007:

The Amnesiacs started off as a way of coping with all of my great art work. The heavy theoretical stuff that I had absorbed in the Eighties. I basically created this narrative art structure for myself. It is about the fictional bikers who made the work. As an artist I had to apply the mentality of the Amnesiacs who have lost the memory to the making of the work. Then a good friend died suddenly, and it helped me in my grief and I turned them into something else. This gang of amnesiac who have lost memories bikers who build shrines through flashbacks. They also mentioned about turner prize winners of other years.

The critics of Turner Prize winners  said about Mine Nelson:

The Times said “will probably win this year” 

The Telegraph said “[Amnesiac Shrine] is one of the best things Nelson has ever done, but my guess is that it won’t win the Turner.” 

The Independent said “an artist with a real and rich imagination”

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