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Turner Prize Winners 2007

turner prize winners 9
turner prize winners

The Turner Prize winners 2007 award for modern British art was awarded on 3 December 2007. It was the 22nd Turner Prize competition. For this year there were four nominees for the 2007 turner prize winners and the winner was Mark Wallinger.

The nominees in alphabetical order were the following:

Turner prize winners Zarina Bhimji and she was born in Uganda in the year 1963.

Turner prize artist Nathan Coley was born in Glasgow in the year1967.

Artist Mike Nelson was born in Loughborough in the year 1967. This art event was Nelson’s second nomination. He lost out to artist Martin Creed in the year 2001.

Artist Mark Wallinger was born in Chigwell in the year 1959. This art show was Wallinger’s second nomination. He lost out to Damien Hirst who won Turner Prize in 1995.

Turner Prize winners exhibition 2007

The Turner Prize winners exhibition took place in Liverpool in advance. It took place of its time in the European Capital of Culture. The art show opened on 19 October 2007 and came to an end on 13 January 2008.

The Turner Prize is awarded for an art show by the Turner Prize artist in the previous year. When Turner Prize nominees are told of their nomination they then prepare exhibits for the Turner Prize exhibition and most of the time at short notice.

In this condition the Turner Prize exhibition may not feature the works for which the Turner Prize artist was initially nominated by the judges. However the Turner Prize winners exhibition was the basis on which ordinary public and press judge the artist’s worthiness for their nomination.

Turner Prize 2007 Works, artist’s statements and press coverage

Turner Prize artist Zarina Bhimji

Artist Bhimji’s exhibited the art works those were chiefly photographs of Uganda from which she was expelled.

The work Waiting is a video footage shot in a sisal factory and it was with the material fluttering in the wind.

The photograph Illegal Sleep is a photograph of guns leaning against a wall.

 The work Your Sadness Is Drunk is a photograph of some chickens outside a dilapidated building.

The art work This Unhinged Her is a photograph of some unmounted candelabras and they were lying in an outbuilding.

 The work No Border Crossing is a photograph of bundles of papers done by the artist.

The art work Shadows and Disturbances is the photograph of closed double doors in a dilapidated building.

The famous art work Echo is the photograph of graffiti on a wall.

The art work Breathless Love is a photograph of some distant structures on the horizon of a totally barren landscape.

The work Ambivalence is a photograph of the turquoise interior of a dilapidated building.

 What the artist said about the artworks:

“My work attempts to speak the unspeakable that wants to be spoken”.

 What the critics said about the art work:

“while her video work has a lyrical beauty, the rather misty poeticism probably needs rather a lot of background explanation before it gets any profound message across.” -The Times

“My point is not that Bhimji’s work is shoddy, but that it is unoriginal.”  – The Times

“quiet observational detail that requires a different kind of exposure than can be had in the Turner prize.” -The Guardian

“full of atmosphere and formal beauty, but she has done this kind of thing before (in Uganda) and I see little development in this new body of work.” -The Telegraph

“large colour photographs of faded and decrepit interiors present us with a kind of African Pompeii: a melancholy world empty of people, yet filled with their presence; dead, but unburied; ruined, yet lovely.”  -The Times

“sensitive, a little bit atmospheric, a little bit disquieting, but without any particular character. The photos are what any arty photographer doing “images of colonial legacy” would come up with.” -The Independent 

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