Turner Prize Winners 24

turner prize winners 6
turner prize winners 6
turner prize winners

Turner prize winners artist Enrico David and Roger Hiorns

The installation Absuction Cardigan or How Do You Love Dzzzzt By Mammy? It was a papier mache egg shaped man that is placed on rocking chair legs with a photo of the artist’s face stuck on that object.

Bulbous Marauder. It is an image of two harlequins wielding clubs.

Bulbous Marauder 2:  it is a face looks down as seen between the parted legs of a person in harlequin costume.

Wayne Shire: it is a  stuffed dummy that is collapsed on the ground.

Some other works are “A glimpse at a gay man’s bottom” and “the face of Kenneth Williams thrown into a boot” are also famous works of the artist. He was inspired by Richart Wright.

Works and press coverage of Turner Prize 2009

Turner Prize winners Enrico David’s speech:

The artist Enrico David says: “I see the potential of the creative process as a representation of a new language to be simultaneously constructed and discovered, on the basis of pre-existing aesthetic and cultural templates.”

The critics of the artists said:

  • “[his work] has never touched, moved or done more than mildly irritate me. – Adrian Searle, The Guardian
  • “a brilliant painter, strange and disturbing, definitely not safe or conventional, one of the most exciting, troubling artists of our time.” – Jonathan Jones, The Guardian
  • “his work is a bit silly. It’s a sort of punch-and-judy psychodrama, a romp in a perverse shop window.” – Tom Lubbock – The Independent
  • “the only one of this year’s contestants whose work brought back that toe-tapping annoyance of a decade ago.” – Charles Darwent, The Independent
  • “a pantomime of impotent half-jokes.” – Laura Cumming, The Observer. Turner contemporary.

Turner Prize winners artist Roger Hiorns

Art works of the artist are:

Seizure: A flat was filled with copper sulphate which, once it had evaporated, left all surfaces covered in blue crystal. Cubes of processed cows’ brains in metal racks. A scattered pile of dust made from disintegrating a jet engine.

IBM (15 x 10: a white tubular shape with a black contraption at one end.

Discipline: Steel thistles covered in copper sulphate crystals leaning against a wall.

Vauxhall: Flames coming from a floor drain.

The artist’s speech:

  • “I prefer to distance myself from ideas of posterity, of the longevity of a piece of art. None of that seems healthy. I don’t like explaining and being explicit.”

The critics also said said:

  • “Hiorns’s art has nowhere much to go. It has already crystallised. I like Hiorns, but have always found him extremely repetitive.”  – Adrian Searle, The Guardian
  • “does surprising things with surprising materials is beautiful and spectacular.
  • “His main entry in the Turner show, an untitled floor piece, pulls off another material miracle. Made in part of powdered cow brains, the work is both immensely clever and an island of the Romantic imagination – brainy in every way possible.” – Charles Darwent, The Independent.

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