Turner Prize Winner Martin Boyce -22

turner prize winners 4

Turner Prize winners 2011 Martin Boyce

turner prize winners 4
turner prize winners had the best art exhibitions in Tate gallery UK.

Turner Prize 2011 winner is Martin Boyce. He received the prize for his installation Do Words Have Voices. It was displayed at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead.

With Boyce’s quietly atmospheric, lyrically autumnal sculptural installation is recalling a melancholy urban park with lots of its metallic trees and scattered paper leaves. As a result Martin Boyce has been announced as the winner of the £25,000 Turner prize.

Boyce’s acceptance of the award that was held at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. This show was from fashion photographer Mario Testino who is a Turner Prize artist.

How Boyce got Turner Prize

He was briefly delayed when a striker that he collected clad seemingly in only a pink tutu and with the words “study this”. He scrawled it on his chest, invaded the stage and before being tackled to the ground and removed by security guards at the same time.

Turner Prize winners Boyce was narrowly the bookies’ favourite for the turner prize. It was ahead of painter George Shaw. This artist  who chronicles the scrubby, dilapidated suburban streets of this artist native Midlands.

When Boyce got this prize he thanked his “mum and dad, brilliant wife and gorgeous children”. Not only this but he also paid tribute to his art school, saying: “When education is going through the wringer, it is important to acknowledge the value of teachers.” mentioned in the Guardian.

More about Turner Prize winner Boyce

Boyce was 44 years old and is the third Turner-prize winner in succession either brought up  and also was educated in Glasgow. Turner Prize was won by Susan Philipsz last year and also by Richard Wright in 2009.

The fact about Turner Prize is that it confirms the now indelible importance of the city London, where Tate Britain is located. On the Turner Prize shortlist it was another Glasgow School of Art graduate, sculptor Karla Black was the main focus.

Turner Prize winner Boyce was born in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. He was among the first graduates from the Glasgow School of Art and he was from the famous environmental art course. His peers include the famous artist Douglas Gordon, who won the turner prize in 1996, and Nathan Coley, who was shortlisted in turner prize 2007.

What Boyce told about Turner Prize winners

After the turner prize winners art ceremony, Boyce talked of a group of artists and they were “not ‘Scottish artists’, just artists” and those artist form a “small and close community” in Glasgow. “But we don’t talk about art a lot. All that happens elsewhere.”

Turner Prize artist Boyce added that because of education cuts, he was not certain that if he were young to learn art, if he would be able to go to art school. “The idea that art school will become a privileged place to be is incredibly depressing,” Boyce said. He was inspired by Charlot Prodger, the turner prize winner.

Boyce created an turner prize art installation for the exhibition in Gateshead. The first time the Turner prize has been celebrated outside the Tate family of galleries. It was only the second time outside London. Boyce has felt the feel of an interior space and he also did it in a mournful municipal park.

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