Turner Prize winners of previous year

turner prize winners 3

Turner prize winners by years

turner prize winners 3
Turner Prize winners are the best artists in the UK

Turner Prize 1991 is Anish Kapoor  who received the prize for an untitled piece in sandstone and pigment. In this year other Turner Prize nominees included abstract painters Ian Davenport, Fiona Rae and sculptor Rachel Whiteread.

 Turner Prize winners 1992

Grenville Davey received turner prize for HAL. It was a work consisting of two abstract steel objects. Each of the object measuring 244 x 122 cm (96 x 48 in). in 1992 Turner Prize winners Other nominees included the Young British Artist (yBA) Damien Hirst for the installations he did, photographer David Tremlett and sculptor Alison Wilding.

1993 Turner Prize

Rachel Whiteread was the winner of Turner Prize 1993 for his work House, It is a concrete cast of the inside of a house on Grove Road, near Roman Road, London E3. Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond of the K Foundation was awarded the prize and received media coverage for the award of the “Anti-Turner Prize”, £40,000 was awarded to the “worst artist in Britain”.

It was voted from the real Turner Prize’s short-list. Rachel Whiteread won the Turner Prize. She refused to accept the money for the prize at first. Later she changed her mind when she heard the cash will be burned instead.

£30,000 was given to the artists in financial need and from the prize other £10,000 to the housing charity. Shelter. The K Foundation also was happy to make a film in which they burned £1 million of their own money.Other nominees were painter Sean Scully, Laotian-born Vong Phaophanit and printer Hannah Collins.

1994 Turner Prize winners

In 1994 popular sculptor Antony Gormley was awarded the Turner Prize. This year other nominees included video artist Northern Irish-born Willie Doherty, He was nominated was for the work The Only Good One Is A Dead. One was the first video piece for Turner Prize  to be nominated for the prize.

Turner Prize winners 1995

Turner Prize winners 1995 was Damien Hirst. He got the prize for the work that included his notorious sculpture Mother and Child, Divided. This year other Turner Prize nominees included Lebanese-born installation/video artist Mona Hatoum, abstract painter Callum Innes and multi-media artist Mark Wallinger.

Turner Prize winners 1996

Douglas Gordon was the Turner Prize winners 1996 who becomes the first video artist to win the Turner Prize. In 1996 other nominees included photographer Craigie Horsfield, painter Gary Hume and installation artist Simon Patterson.

Turner Prize winners 1997

The winner of Turner Prize 1997 is Gillian Wearing. He showed a video called 60 minutes of Silence (1996). In this video a group of actors were dressed in police uniforms and had to stand still for an hour and here occasional surreptitious scratching could be observed by the higher authority.

A drunken artist Tracey Emin walked out of a live Channel 4 discussion programme. It was presented as part of the coverage of the Turner Prize award. The discussion was chaired by Tim Marlow and also included Roger Scruton, Waldemar Januszczak, Richard Cork, David Sylvester and Norman Rosenthal.

Emin ‘wrote’ about the incident in her 2005 book Strangeland, describing her shock at reading The Guardian writeup the following day.

This was the only time in history with an all-female shortlist including sculptor Christine Borland, Angela Bulloch and sculptor Cornelia Parker.

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