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turner prize

Turner Prize 2019 shortlist artist 

turner prize
Turner Prize

One of Turner Prize short listed artist is Beirut-based creator and audio investigator Lawrence Abu Hamdan. He is among four artists short-listed for the Turner Prize 2019. This artist is also one in every of the simplest celebrated prizes for visual arts within the art world.

He is a Turner Prize bum and Beirut-based Lawrence Abu Hamdan (1985, Jordan) could be a up to date creator and “audio investigator”. His interest in sound and its intersection with politics originates from his background as a road musician and supporter of DIY music.

He knows well what is the Turner Prize. His work appearance into the political effects of listening, exploitation varied varieties of audio to explore its effects on human rights and law. The artist’s audio investigations are used as proof at the united kingdom Asylum and Immigration judicature and as support for organizations like Amnesty International and Defense for youngsters International.

Why Turner Prize selected Hamdan

Abu Hamdan’s appointed exhibition, Earwitness Theatre at London’s Chisenhale Gallery (2018), grows on the artist’s enquiries into the political effects of listening, questioning the ways that within which rights square measure being detected and therefore the approach voices will become politically sonic.
He also tried in Turner Prize 2000.

At Chisenhale Gallery, Abu Hamdan given Earwitness Inventory (2018) comprised of ninety five custom-designed and sourced objects all derived from legal cases within which sonic proof is oppose and acoustic reminiscencesought to be retrieved. As a part of this body of labor, Abu Hamdan conjointly given his dilated video installation walled Un-walled (2018) that won the Abraaj cluster Art Prize at Art metropolis in 2018.

The video work of Turner Prize 3 work history went on to be exhibited at London’s poet fashionable within the same year and  is presently on read within the main exhibition at the urban center Biennale 2019. In this monaural 20-minute performance-video installation given as a projection onto (and through) a glass wall. He is trying for Turner Prize final list.

Abu Hamdan speaks behind the windows of associate degree disreputable cold war-era studio in former East Berlin. It was on an associate degree interlocking series of narratives derived from legal cases that rotated around proof that was obtained or experienced through walls, doors and floors.

Hamdan’s work as Turner Prize artist

Amongst the cases square measure the United States of America Supreme court thermal imaging case Kyllo of US (2001). The murder trial of award Pistorius in South Africa (2014) and therefore the ear witness interviews he created in 2016 for Amnesty International and rhetorical design, Goldsmiths, University of London’s investigation into the Syrian regime jail of Saydnaya to get Turner Prize.

During Art Week 2019 (March 17-24), and before Turner Prize shortlist announcement Abu Hamdan quickly settled his studio from national capital to metropolis, developing work for Sharjah Biennial fourteen (ends Gregorian calendar month 10). Further as tempting guests to explore his works that use photography, sound, and video to experiment with speech, silence and testimony.

Abu Hamdan’s work joins the opposite 3 short-listed artists square measure Helen of Troy Cammock (1970, UK), Tai Shani(1976, UK) and award Murillo (1986, Colombia) in associate degree exhibition at the Turner up to date in Haemulon album, Kent from September 2019 to January 2020, with the winner proclaimed on 3 December 2019.

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