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Turner Prize
Turner Prize

Turner Prize was the pair – far-famed for dressing alike and resembling cohabiting bank managers. It was won for one among their trademark stained glass-inspired psychedelic collages within the second year of the Turner’s life (painter Howard Hodgkin won the first).

They distanced themselves from the honour, however for the artwork: “We don’t like prizes. we have a tendency to are except all that.”

Rachel Whiteread, Turner Prize winner 1993

Whiteread became the Turner’s 1st feminine winner for House, a sculpture created by employing a derelict house in east London as a mould, filling it with liquid concrete and remotion away the outside forged to form a “fossil”.

Rachel Whiteread’s ‘House’ 1993 Turner Prize winner (Sue Omerod) The factious nature of the honor was emphasized once she conjointly won that year’s Anti-Turner Prize, naming her “the worst creator in Britain”. It was also seen her project unemployed as “meritless gigantism” by critic Brian Sewell, a staunch traditionalist art agency later argued that gap a gallery within the North East denied “more sophisticated” Londoners an opportunity to examine new exhibitions.

Turner Prize winner 1994 Antony Gormley

Gormley, Turner Prize  agency felt therefore otherwise to Sewell he would later style the Angel of the North, won for Testing a Weltanschauung. The work was Associate in Nursing installation of 5 identical forged iron figures, bent at the waist, organized round the area in numerous positions to create questions on beaux arts area and the way human posture conveys mood.

Turner Prize winner 1995 Damien Hirst

Unquestionably turner prize one among the foremost famed works of art within the world, Hirst’s Mother and kid Divided given four glass tanks housing a cow and her calf cut off in [*fr1], the carcasses suspended in aldehyde.

The work developed an inspiration Hirst 1st place forth in 1991 once he embalmed a requiem shark within thePhysical Impossibility of Death within the Mind of somebody Living.

Damien Hirst’s 1991 work ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death within the Mind of somebody Living’ (PA)
Punk rock Renaissance man Billy infantile, a former young man of Tracey Emin and innovation Stuckist, gave one in all amongst one of the foremost clear-sighted assessments of Hirst and his body of labor within the song “Art or Arse? (You Be the Judge)”: “Damien Hirst’s got his fish in a tank/Some say it’s art, others assumeit’s work”.

Gillian sporting, 1997
Turner Prize 60 Minutes of Silence, Wearing’s film of actors standing still for Associate in Nursing hour dressed as policemen, is maybe best remembered because the subject of a live Channel four News discussion that Emin stormed out of whereas in a very state of heightened refreshment, a process difference related to the Turner.

Gillian sporting (Immo Klink)
Turner Prize Wearing disclosed Parliament Square’s 1st sculpture of a girl, advocator Millicent Fawcett, at a ceremony in Westminster in late Gregorian calendar month this year.

Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili, 1998
Turner Prize Independent news said in this way that when it involves materials, Chris Ofili’s portrait paintings comprised of elephant dung coated in polyester rosintake some beating. His reaction was conjointly refreshing: “Oh man. impart god! Where’s my cheque?”

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