Turner Prize 10

Turner Prize

Turner Prize

Turner Prize

What is the Turner Prize awarded for?

Turner Prize is awarded to the visual artists who are born or who are based in Great Britain. This art prize is given for outstanding performance on artwork or for very successful art exhibition. It is the highest honorable art prize given in Britain. This prize was lunched on the name of British Romantic painter JMW Turner.

Helen Martin Turner Prize.

Helen Marten is a Turner Prize winner who uses sculpture, screen printing in her art work. Helen Marten was born in Macclesfield in the year of 1985. She lives in London and works there for long time.

She also did her own writing to produce art with Anthea Hamilton and did her installations that are full of references. All her artworks are done from the contemporary art to the historical events. They are also from everyday to the enigmatic.

Tate gallery tried its best for the Turner Prize. Helen brings together a range of handmade and she found objects drawn from daily life and from null and more unusual sources. Her artwork includes cotton buds, coins, shoe soles. Those things also include limes, marbles, eggs, snooker chalk and snakeskin and many other things.

Artist Helen’s collage-like gatherings of objects and her paintings have a playful intent, creating poetic visual puzzles for the viewers that seem to invite us into a game or riddle to see and play with her artwork.

Havin Anderson also praised the artwork of Helen Marten’s exhibition space. It is divided into three sections. Each section suggests a workstation or terminal where some unknown human works are disturbing them. When we encounter Helen’s installations, the artist tells us to become archaeologists of our own times.

Turner Prize also appreciated the artwork of Micheal Dean and to consider familiar items as if we the viewers are seeing them for the first time in life. In the process of her art, these objects may become strange and abstract like the ‘husked down’.

Helen says, ‘to geometric memories of themselves’, that can be remodeled in the digital art world to give rise to new and unexpected stories or ideas. Marten encourages her viewers to look very closely at her artwork. She mentioned it like a bum. The items Helen makes and the materials she uses for her art all we can reconsider. Those images and objects we surround ourselves in our living places with in the modern world.

Who won the Turner Prize in 2018?

The Turner Prize winner for 2018 is Charlotte Prodger. He lives in Glasgow and he got Turner Prize for his intimate film shot that he did using his iPhone. The prize was given by Tate Britain and the person was the famous novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Where is the Turner Prize being held in 2018?

Turner Prize is the best art prize in Britain. In 2018 this prize was won by Charlotte PRodger and the event was held at Tate Britain, London. The duration of the prize giving ceremony was from 26 September to 6 January 2019.


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