Turner Prize Winners


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New works by Gretchen Andrew

September 27 – October 4, 2019
The Cookhouse Gallery at Chelsea College of Arts, London
16 John Islip St, Westminster, London


Turner Prize
Turner Prize Winners

Gretchen Andrew’s search engine take over the Turner Prize Winners continues her practice of using internet manipulation to expose where technology failure, commonly talked about apocalyptically, can be positively and playfully used to recast the internet as a creative space.  By recasting the world’s most famous art prize in the mode the highly popular Great British Bake Off Gretchen is able to use an inherent limitation of technology to confuse the internet into thinking that she has won the art world’s Turner Prize.  Joining a long history of Turner Prize institutional critiques, Gretchen’s Turner Prize uses her unique process of internet imperialism to expose how false dilemmas, informal fallacies in which something is falsely claimed to be an “either/or” situation when in fact it could be both, dominate how both people and technology think about art, politics, nationalism, and age. This is a project about dealing with the nuance of “both.”  Her practice is both figurative painting and conceptual art. A Turner is both another name for a cooking spatula and an international art prize.  The celebration of nationalism both cultural as in the Turner Prize and The Great British Bake Off and a dark political force. Her infiltrations upend the power structures of the art world and large internet companies simultaneously while reminding us that we really don’t really know how any of this works, search engines, artificial intelligence, the art world, power in general.


The Turner Prize / Turner Prize Winners is the ultimate baking battle where passionate professional artist who are also amateur baking fans compete to be crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Turner.

Over the course of their long careers 4 artist finalists compete to win at art, the juried competition follows the trials and tribulations of the artist, British and under the age of 50, as they attempt to prove their prowess.

Turners, also known as spatulas, are used in each competition culminating in a final pancake flipping contest fro Turner Prize Winners. 

NOT NOT the Turner Prize

Solo exhibition by Gretchen Andrew 

September 27 – October 4, 2019

The Cookhouse Gallery at Chelsea College of Arts, London
16 John Islip St, Westminster, London

Fri., Sept. 27th,, 5pm: VIP preview, 6-8pm: Opening
Sat., Sept. 28th,, 10am – 4pm
Mon., Sept. 30th,, 10am – 6 pm
Tues., Oct. 1st, 10am – 6pm
Wed., Oct. 2nd, 10am – 6pm
Thu., Oct. 3rd, 10am -6pm 
Fri., Oct. 4th, 10am – 6pm 

Turner Prize Winners Challenges

SIGNATURE Turner Prize Winners

Testing the artist’s personality, creative flair and artistic ability, the main challenge here is to produce something cute, rustic and altogether home-made-looking. German-born Buttner’s work is typical of the Turner Prize Winners newfound humility – her signature pieces are nine simple, line-drawn, black-and-white woodcuts of beggars, while her other work shows a fascination with the lowly and mundane. It’s in this competition that the Bakers get to show off their tried-and-tested handcooked bites. Not sounding like some unfeasible African mammal, but rather something they might have made in a Blue Peter ‘home-make’ segment, this is an experimental instrument (aren’t they all?) that the maker, a certain Mr. Iner Souster, constructs using refrigerator grates.

TECHNICAL Turner Prize Winners

This challenge separates the wheat from the chaff. Take one basic recipe, with the same ingredients and instructions, and ask our turners to produce the finished product… sound easy? Well, any variation on the finished product will be a result of their own technical knowledge and experience – or lack of to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. Artists are laid bare in this task and this is where the pressure’s really on in the Bake Off. Turner Prize will be announced tonight, with four emerging artists competing for the honour and the accompanying the bakers.

SHOWSTOPPER Turner Prize Winners

The oven gloves are off in this final challenge where the artist are able to showcase their depth of skill and talent.  Parker’s show-stopper is the burnt out remnant of a Kentucky church. The complexities of this task call for a professional standard in taste and appearance. Are they up to it? The judges will be looking for the most impressive and elaborate creations – that better taste first-class too. Treacy, who created 36 bespoke hats for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in April, including the infamous headpiece for Princess Beatrice which later sold for more than £80,000 on eBay, will loan a photograph of Isabella Blow, the late fashion stylist and Treacy’s long-term muse, wearing one of his elaborate creations.

Turner Prize Judges

  • PRUE LEITH prue has chaired the royal society of the arts
  • Oliver Basciano, art critic and International Editor at ArtReview
  • PAUL HOLLYWOOD Paul originally trained as a sculptor
  • Elena Filipovic, Director, Kunsthalle Basel
  • Lisa Le Feuvre, Executive Director of Holt-Smithson Foundation
  • Tom McCarthy, novelist and writer

The jury is chaired by Alex Farquharson, Director of Tate Britain.

Turner Prize winners:

turner prize winners
turner prize winners

Charlotte Prodger is a British artist and one of turner prize winners. This turner prize shortlist artist had the expertise on moving image, printed picture, sculpture and writing. She was inspired by Lubaina Himid and Helen Marten and won the turner prize 2018. Her important films include Stoneymollan and Bridgit.

Shortlisted artist of Turner Prize 2018 winners are Naeem Mohaiemen for video installation Tripoli Cancelled 2017, Luke Willis Thompson for Human 2018 film; Charlotte Prodger for video installation BRIDGIT 2016; and another video installation Killing in Umm al-Hiran, at  Forensic Architecture 2018

She got Turner Prize 2018 for her exhibition of Bridgit and Stoneymollan Trail at Bergen Kunsthall that was in Norway. She was born in Bournemouth in the year 1974 and went to Goldsmiths, University of London and Glasgow School of Art. She made the movie using old camdorder, HD and iPhone footage.

turner prize winners 2
turner prize winners

Tate Britain selected her first as turner prize winners & nominees. The film Bridgit was filmed and was in turner prize winners shortlist this art work made using an iPhone. She also worked the Berwick Artists Moving Image Residency. At last she became Tate Prize winners. Using LHB and single screen work she got the Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival 2017 award.

turner prize winners 3
Turner Prize winners are the best artists in the UK

Turner prize winner 2017 Lubana Himid. Turner Prize winners are the best artists in the UK. Himid, the Turner Prize finalist 2017 was educated at Theater Design at Wimbledon College of Art and did her MA in Cultural History at the Royal College or Art.

For Turner Prize 2017 the shortlisted artists were

  • Hurvin Anderson,
  • Andrea Buttner,
  • Lubaina Himid and
  • Rosalind Nashashibi.

Turner Prize 2017 jury members were

  • Dan Fox, who is a Co-Editor of Frieze
  • Martin Herbert is an art critic
  • Mason Leaver-Yap is from Walker Art Center’s Benstson Scholar of Moving Image in Minneapolis and Associate Curator
  • Emily Pethick is Director of Showroom.

Turner prize winners tickets were sold and now the artist is a faculty of contemporary Art at University of Central Lancashire. She got 2017 Turner Prize, the solo exhibitions called Navigation Charts, Spike Island, Briston, UK and Invisible Strategies of Modern Art Oxford, UK. Recently she had The Place is Here at Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK. To her turner prize winners is an excellent art prize

turner prize winners 4
turner prize winners had the best art exhibitions in Tate gallery UK.

Helen Marten won Turner Prize 2016. She used sculpture, screen printing and writing for her installation. Helen likes references of contemporary art and historical art. She uses objects that are available in our daily uses and they include coins, lines, shoe soles, cotton buds, eggs, marbles etc. Her object includes snooker chalk and snakeskin. Her arrangement of these objects have an artistic meaning.

Turner Prize Winners artist 2016 is Helen Marten. The four Turner Prize shortlisted artists 2016 were

  • Michael Dean
  • Anthea Hamilton
  • Helen Marten and
  • Josephine Pryde.

Jury of Turner Prize 2016 were –

  • Tamsin Dillion, he is a Curator
  • Simon Wallis, he is the Director of The Hepworth Wakefield
  • Michelle Cotton, he is the Director of Bonner Kunstverein of Bonn
  • Beatrix Ruf, he is the Director of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
  • All the jury was chaired by Alex Farquharson, he is the Director of Tate Britain.
turner prize winners
turner prize winners 5

Assemble became the winners of the Turner Prize 2015 who are London based collective. Their art expertise are on the field of art, architecture and design. They also work to make projects in tandem with the communities who inhibit them. Space of their architectural spaces with environment enhance them for direct action and DIY senses. All of their art effort helped them to be the winners of turner prize in the year 2015.

Turner Prize winners 2015 shortlisted artists were:

  • Bonnie Camplin
  • Nicole Wermers
  • Bonnie Camplin
  • Assemble (Winner)

The jury for the Turner Prize winners 2015 were:

  • Jan Verwoert who is a Critic and Curator
  • Ms Kyla McDonald, Artistic Director of Glasgow Sculpture Studies
  • Mr Alistair Hudson is the Director of Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
  • Ms Joanna Mythowska who is the Director of warsaw Museum of Modern Art
  • The jury is chaired by Alex Farquharson who is the Director of Tate Britain.
turner prize winners 6
turner prize winners

Duncan Campbell is one of the turner prize winners who won turner prize 2014 for his work “It for Others”. It was based on an African art. He was an Irish video artist who was born in Dublin. He went to Glasgow School of Art. His father started work on sculptor. He was awarded Balise Prize and Venice Biennale for art. Turner Prize is celebrating the art contest for the best artists in the UK.

turner prize winners 7
Turner Prize is celebrating the art contest for the best artists

Laure Prouvost was awarded  Turner Prize 2013 winners prize for the installation Wantee made for the artist Kurt Schwitters.  The Turner Prize winners panel described this film art work as outstanding for its complex and brave combination with the combination of images, objects and atmospheric environment.

Prouvost also won MaxMara Art Prize for Women with Witechapel Gallery. She was the main art prize winner at 57th Oberhausen Film Festival. Turner Prize winners are selected from Turner Prize nominees and Turner Prize shortlist artists in Great Britain.

turner prize winners 8
Turner Prize winners are selected from Turner Prize nominees and Turner Prize shortlist artists in Great Britain.

Turner prize winner 2012 Elizabeth Price got the art award for her video installation THE WOOLWORTHS CHOIR OF 1979. Turner Prize winners were selected from turner Prize nominees and Turner Prize shortlist artists in Great Britain.

Turner Prize 8 winners looks like a PowerPoint presentation. This video art has three parts with material to a dissonant art assembly. This movie has photos of church architecture and Turner Prize 9 that is selected from Turner Prize shortlist artists.

turner prize winners

Turner prize winners Martin Boyce is a best artist who won Turner Prize Winners award. He won the Turner Prize 2011 for the installation Do Words Have Voices exhibited at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art at Gateshead. Turner Prize 9 was shown here. It is about Turner Prize winners 2018.  

Boyce the Turner prize winner artist is born in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire and lives in Glasgow. He was turner prize nominees first and studied art at the Glasgow School of Art and also did a BA in Environmental art and later did MFA.

turner prize winners
turner prize winners

Susan Philipsz is one of the Turner Prize winners. She won Turner Prize 2010 for her art work presentation Lowlands that took place at Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. Her another art award was Long Gone, a group exhibition Mirrors at Museo de Arte Contemporanea de Vigo, in Spain. Susan Philipsz studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College or Art, Dundee and at the University of Ulster.

Turner Prize winners Contemporary British Art

turner prize
turner prize

Turner Prize winners is one of the Search Engine Art project by Gretchen Andrew. She was inspired by Turner Prize 2019, Turner Prize 2018 and Turner Prize 2019 artist short list. She likes the art work of Helen Marten, Grayson Perry, Art, Anthea Hamilton, Tate, Hull, Harvin Anderson, Bum, Micheal Dean, Damien Hirst, and Tate Modern.

Turner Prize winners painter Artist Gretchen is working on Turner Prize winners project. She is an Internet Imperialist and Search Engine Artist from Los Angeles. If you search in Google using ‘turner prize winners’ you will see her paintings.

Besides we are talking about another Turner Prize in United Kingdom which is named after JMW Turner.

Turner Prize winners : how the name came

turner prize
Turner Prize

The Turner Prize winners was named after the English painter J. M. W. Turner. Between 1991 and 2016, artists beneath the age of 50 were eligible, and from 2017 this rule is removed. The prize is given at Allen Tate gallery in United Kingdom. In 1984 it’s become the UK’s most heralded art award. in 2004 the prize amount was £40,000. It has lots of famous sponsors.

Turner Prize is influenced by Sculpture, House, Josephine Pryde, Elizabeth Price, Richard Wrigth, Wolfgang Tillmans, Rachel Whiteread, and Lubaina Himid. In this art list Ciara Phillip, Exhibition, Steve McQueen, Cathy Wilkes, Rebeca Warren, Marteen Creed, Keith Tyson and Artwork are there.

Turner Prize
Turner Prize

It is a distinguished painting event in British art society. In 2006 Ono, and in 2012 Jude Law awarded this prize. It has lots of debatable like The Physical Impossibility of Death within the Mind of somebody Living – a shark in meth anal by Damien Hirst –  and My Bed, a disheveled bed by Tracey Emin. Conflict has conjointly come back from alternative directions,

Turner prize as well as Culture Minister Kim William De an Howell criticizing exhibits, a guest of honor (Madonna) swearing, prize choose Lynn Barber writing within the press,  and a speech by Sir Saint Nicholas Serota concerning the acquisition of a trustee’s work.

Turner Prize Background

turner prize
Turner Prize

Each year the nominees for this prize is announced. The Prize receives intense attention from the media. The Turner Prize Winner Artists are chosen primarily based upon a showing of their work that they need staged within the preceding year. Nominations for the prize are invited from the general public, though this was wide thought-about to possess negligible effect. It is a suspicion confirmed in 2006 by Lynn Barber, one among the judges.

About Turner Prize 2019

turner prize
turner prize

Usually Turner Prize art exhibition  takes 3 week time for public nominations to be received. The artist short-list (4 artists since 1991) is declared in July; the nominees’ work opens at UK in late October; the art prize is declared at  December. The exhibition remains on till January.

By 1987, Drexel Daniel Hudson Burnham Lambert provided the cash. in 1991 Channel 4 awarded the prize to £20,000, and supporting the event with documentaries  and live broadcasts of the prize-giving.

Turner Prize primary selection

Turner Prize
Turner Prize

Gordon’s Gin sponsored Turner Prize in 2004. award money was £40,000 where £5,000 for every of the shortlisted artists and £25,000 for the winner. As much because the order of artists reflects the state of British Art, the composition of the panel of judges, which incorporates curators and critics, provides some indication of art agency holds influence institutionally and internationally.

In Turner art the art agency is rising stars. Allen is a Director Sir Saint Nicholas Serota has been the Chair of the jury. Another artist Gretchen made and posted lots of paintings in Gretchen Andrew’s website.

Turner Prize art agency

Turner Prize
Turner Prize

The Turner media played a big role for the success of the Turner Prize art show. The influence of the young British Artists is great. Some of they are nominees and winners like Cool Britannia, and exhibitions like the Charles Saatchi-sponsored Sensation exhibition. Some have talked of the issue of the abrupt media exposure.

Turner Prize past winners  and nominees

turner prize
turner prize

For a listing of winners  and nominees of turner prize you can see List of this prize winners  and nominees in net. Sale costs of the winners have typically raised. Chris Ofilianish Kapoor and Jeremy Deller later became trustees of the poet. Some artists, notably wife film producer, have declined the invite to be appointive.

Turner prize winners history

The identity of Turner worth is deeply related to abstract art. for 2 of its 1st editions, Art & Language was appointive in 1986,  and Terry Atkinson, one among the founders  and historical member of Art & Language, was appointive in 1985. In 2000, Tillmans was the first artist  and first non-British creative person to receive the this prize.

Turner Prize winner in 1984

turner prize
turner prize

Malcolm Edward Williams Morley is awarded the inaugural ceremony for his installation of 2 oil-on-canvas paintings galvanized by a visit to Ellas. Morley’s win sparked conflict as a result of he had been living in the big apple for the previous twenty years. alternative nominees enclosed Richard Long, Richard Deacon and Gilbert, all of whom went on to win this prize themselves. The prize was awarded by Lord Gowrie, Minister for the humanities at the time.

Turner Prize in  1985  and in 1986

Turner Prize
Turner Prize

Howard Hodgkin is awarded this prize for a little factor however my very own. alternative nominees enclosed Terry Atkinson, sculptor Tony Cragg, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Milena Kalinovska and painting/printing creative person four-minute m an. The prize was awarded by celebrity presenter Sir Richard Attenborough.

In 1986 the debatable art couple Gilbert were awarded once a previous nomination in 1984. Alternative nominees enclosed Art & Language (collaborative cluster composed of arch angel Baldwin and Mel Ramsden), sculpture/printing creative person Victor Burgin, painter Derek Jarm an, painter Stephen McKenna and sculptor Bill Woodrow.

Turner Prize 1987  and in 1988

Turner Prize
Turner Prize

Sculpture creative person Richard Deacon is awarded the prize. alternative nominees enclosed graphic-style painter/printer Saint Patrick Caulfield, Helen of Troy Chadwick, Richard Long, Decl an McGonagle and Thérèse Oulton. The prize was conferred by George Melly.

In 1988 the prize went for Sculpture creative person Tony Cragg is awarded the prize by Al an Yentob. Alternative nominees enclosed figurative/portrait painter Luci a psycho analyst, Pop creative person Richard Hamilton, Richard Long, David philosopher (graduate of professional dancer of Jord Anstone school of Art), printer Boyd Webb, sculptor Alison Wilding and Richard Wilson.

The appointment of poet Director, Saint Nicholas Serota, diode to several changes like the introduction of an annual rehang of the gathering and giving priority  to trendy and modern art. Throughout this era the long run of the prize was unsure. This prize was changed to be an artist-only prize while not a printed order and a solo exhibition was awarded to the winner, Tony Cragg.

Turner Prize in 1989  and in 1990

turner prize
turner prize

Sculpture  and installation creative person Richard Long is conferred the prize once 3 previous nominations. Polemically, Long is awarded for his life body of labor instead of an exhibition of labor in 1989. alternative nominees enclosed painter Gilli an Ayres, figurative painter Luci a psycho analyst, Italian-born sculptor Giuseppe Penone, painter Paula Rego, abstract painter Sean Scully and Richard Wilson. Italian Guiseppe Penone became the primary foreign creative person to be appointive for the strength of his exhibitions in kingdom.

In 1990 no prize was given because of lack of support. Beneath poet Director and the Chairman Saint Nicholas Serota, changes are created to involve the general public within the viewing of the appointive creative person like a printed order, a nomination of 4 shortlisted artists  and a private exhibition of appointive work at intervals the poet.

Turner Prize in 1991  and in 1992

turner prize
turner prize

In 1991 the prize went to Mr. Kapoor who received the prize for  an untitled piece in farinaceous rock  and pigment.  Alternative nominees enclosed abstract painters I an Davenport, Fiona Rae  and sculptor wife Whitehead.

In 1992 Grenville Davey received the prize for HAL, a piece consisting of 2 abstract steel objects, every activity 244 x 122 cm (96 x forty eight in). Alternative nominees enclosed the Young British creative person (BA) Damien Hirst for his installations, artist David Tremlett and sculptor Alison Wilding.

Turner Prize in 1993

Turner Prize
Turner Prize

Rachel Whitbread was the winner for House, a concrete forged of the within of a house on Grove Road, close to Rom an Road, London E3. Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond of the K Foundation received media coverage for the award of the prize, £40,000 to lean to the “worst creative person in Britain”, voted from the import ant Turner Prize’s short-list. wife Whiteread was awarded their prize.

She refused to simply accept the money initially for Turner Prize, however modified her mind once she detected the money was to be burned instead, and gave £30,000 of it to artists in monetary want and also the alternative £10,000 to the housing charity, Shelter. The K  Foundation went on to create a movie during which they burned £1 million of their own cash (Watch the K Foundation Burn 1,000,000 Quid). Alternative nominees enclosed painter Sean Scully, Laoti an-born Vong Phaoph anit and printer Hannah Collins.

Turner Prize in 1994  and in 1995

Turner Prize
Turner Prize

Popular sculptor Marcus  Antonius Gormley was awarded the 1994 Turner Prize. Alternative nominees enclosed video creative person Northern Irish-born Willie Doherty, whose work the sole sensible One may be a Dead One was the primary video piece to be appointive for the prize, painter Peter Doig and multi-media Shirazeh Houshiary.

The art prize went to Damien Hirst was awarded the 1995 Prize, including his ill-famed sculpture Mother and kid, Divided, alternative nominees enclosed Lebanese-born installation/video creative personals and Hatoum, abstract painter Callum Innes and multi-media creative person Mark Wallinger.

Turner Prize in 1996

turner prize
turner prize

Douglas Gordon becomes the primary video creative person to win the Turner Prize. alternative nominees enclosed artist William A. Craigie Horsfield, painter point of  entry David Hume  and installation creative person Simon Patterson.

In 1997 the winner, Gillian carrying, showed a video of Silence (1996), wherever a gaggle of actors were wearing police uniforms  and had to square still for  an hour (occasional  surreptitious scratching c an be observed).

turner prize
turner prize

A drunk Tracey Emin walked out of a live Channel four discussion programmed, conferred as a part of the coverage of the award. The discussion was chaired by Tim Marlow  and conjointly enclosed Roger Scruton, Waldemar J Anuszczak, Richard Cork, David Sylvester and Norm a Rosenthal.

Emin ‘wrote’ concerning the incident in her 2005 book St angel and, describing her shock at reading The Guardi an write up the subsequent day. This was the sole time in history with an all-female order as well as sculptor Christine Borl and,  Angela Bulloch  and sculptor Cornelia Parker. You can know detail about it from the Britannica.

Turner Prize in 1998

turner prize
turner prize

In this year the point was Chris Ofili’s use of balls of eleph ant dung connected to his mixed media pictures on canvas. In addition, as getting used as supports on the ground to prop them up.  A creative person deposited dung on the steps in protest against his work. Ofili won the prize and it absolutely was the primary time in twelve years that a painter had done so; it absolutely was conferred by French designer agnès b.

This prize competitor Ofili joked, “Oh m an. Convey God! Where’s my cheque?”  and said: “I do not know what to mention. I’m simply extremely happy. I can’t believe it. It appears like a movie and that I can watch the tape after I get home.” one among Ofili’s works, No girl No Cry relies on the murder of Stephen Lawrence, killed in an exceedingly race attack.

Turner Prize
Turner Prize

The jury enclosed musician Neil Tennant, author docking facility Warner, keeper Fumio Nanjo and British Council officer ann Gallagher, chaired by Saint Nicholas Serota.

The prize for other nominees enclosed installation creative person Tacita Dean, sculptor Cathy DE Monchaux and video creative person SAM Taylor-Wood. Additionally, to being the primary Negroid to win the prize, Ofili conjointly became the primary painter to win since Howard Hodgkin in 1985.

Turner Prize in 1999

turner prize
turner prize

The Prize was given to Steve McQueen for his video supported a role player film. Some media attention was given to Tracey Emin’s exhibit My Bed, that was a bed in an exceedingly disheveled state with stained sheets, enclosed by detritus like begrimed undergarment, condoms, slippers and empty drink bottles.

Two winner artists, Yuan Chai and Ji an Jun Xi, jumped onto the bed, stripped to their undergarment, and had a child’s game. Police detained the 2, the art agency known as their performance 2 Naked Men Jump into Tracey’s Bed. Alternative nominees enclosed Steven dessert apple and cooperative relation couple Jane and Louise Wilson.

Turner Prize in 2000

turner prize
turner prize

The prize was won by Wolfgang Tillmans in this year. Alternative entries enclosed  an out sized painting by Glenn Brown primarily based terribly closely on a photo fantasy illustration printed some years  antecedently. Arch angel Raedecker and Tomoko Takahashi were conjointly appointive.

The Stuckist art cluster staged their 1st demonstration against the prize, dressed as clowns, describing it as an “ongoing national joke” and “a state-funded agency for Charles Saatchi”. They added “the solely creative person of art agency would not be at risk of winning the Prize”, and terminal that it “should be re-named The artist Award for the destruction of creative integrity”. The Guardian declared the winner of the prize with the headline “Turner Winner Riles the Stuckists”.

Turner Prize in 2001

turner prize
turner prize

Controversy was caused by winner Martin Creed’s installation Work No. 227: the lights occurring  and off consisting of  an empty area whose lighting sporadically came on  and went off. Creative person Jacqueline Crofton threw eggs at the walls of the area containing Creed’s work as a protest. At the art prize ceremony, Madonna gave him the prize and aforesaid, “At a time once political cor-rectitude is valued over honesty I might conjointly prefer to say “Right on, motherfuckers!”.

This was on live TV before the nine pm watershed and a shot to “bleep” it out was too late. Channel four were afterwards given a political candidate rebuke by the freelance tv Commission. Other nominees enclosed artist Richard Billingham, video/installation creative person ( and currently film director) patriarch Julien  and installation creative person microphone Nelson.

Turner Prize in 2002

turner prize
turner prize

The Turner media centered on  an outsized show by Fiona Banner whose wall-size text piece, Arsewom an in Wonderl and, delineate a sexy film very well. The Guardian asked, “It’s art. however is it porno?” business in “Britain’s biggest porn star”, Ben Dover, to comment.

Culture Minister Kim William Dean Howells created a scalding criticism of the exhibits as “conceptual bullshit”. Prince of Wales wrote to him: “It’s sensible to listen to your refreshing good judgment concerning the frightening Turner prize. It’s contaminated the art institution for thus long.” Graffiti creative person B antsy stenciled “Mind the crap” on the steps of the poet. Art agency known as in emergency cleaners to get rid of it. The prize was won by Keith Tyson. Other nominees enclosed Liam Gillick and Catherine Yass.

Turner Prize in 2003

turner prize
Turner Prize

This prize winner was Jake  and Dinos Chapm an caused press attention for a sculpture, Death, that gave the impression to be 2 low cost plastic blow-up sex dolls with a vibrator. it absolutely was if truth be told M manufactured from bronze, painted to appear like plastic.

Turner attention was conjointly given to Grayson Perry art agency exhibited pots adorned with sexual imagination, and was the winner. He wore a flouncy skirt to gather the prize, declared by Sir Peter poet, who said, once being introduced by Sir Saint Nicholas Serota, “Thank you noticeably Nick.

turner prize
turner prize

The prize authority said that they were quite shocked to be here tonight, as a result of 2 days agent I had a telephony asking if I might be a choose for the Not the Turner Prize.  and 2 years agony I used to be asked by the Stuckists to decorate as a clown and are available  and air the steps outside, therefore I’m excited  and slightly shocked to be here.” Other nominees enclosed Willie Doherty (his second nomination since 1994)  and  Anya Gallaccio.

Turner Prize in 2004

turner prize
turner prize

The media centered on  an out sized simulation of a former den of Osama  by mountain angle and Nikki Bell, in addition because the incontrovertible fact that one among their exhibitions. A movie in Kabul court was withdrawn because it associated with  an current trial of a suspected Afghan military leader.

Turner sporting favorite Jeremy Deller won the prize along with his film Memory Bucket, documenting each George W. Bush’s town Crawford, TX –  and also the blockade in metropolis close. The award was raised this year with £25,000 to the winner, and, for the primary time, alternative nominees were rewarded (with £5,000 each).

Other nominees enclosed Kutluğ Atam an  and installation/photograph/sculpture creative person Yinka Shonibare,  art agency was tipped because the public’s favorite among the opposite nominees.

Turner Prize  in 2005

turner prize
turner prize

A great deal was created within the press concerning the winning entry by Simon oscine bird, that was a shed that he had reborn into a ship, sailed down the stream Rhine  and turned back to a shed once more. 2 newspapers bought sheds and floated them to parody the work.

The prize was conferred by Culture Minister, David Lammy. Before introducing him, Sir Saint Nicholas Serota, in an “unusual, probably unprecedented” move, took the chance to create ” an  angry defense” of the Tate’s purchase of The higher area.

2006 Turner Prize

turner prize
turner prize

The nominees were declared on sixteen March of 2006. The exhibition of nominees’ work opened at poet kingdom on three October. Yoko Ono, the celebrity announcer chosen for the year, declared Tomma Abts the winner on four December throughout a live Channel four broadcast, though this was a part of the evening information, instead of in an exceedingly dedicated programmed as in recent years.

The prize winner this year was the entire award was £40,000. £25,000 awarded to the winner and £5,000 to every of the opposite three nominees. The prize was sponsored by the manufacturers of Gordon’s Gin.

turner prize
turner prize

Under the liberty of data Act, The Sunday Telegraph obtained emails between the poet  and choose Lynn Barber. It discovered that the judges had been sent a listing of shows by artists too late to be ready to see them  and instead were being furnished catalogs  and pictures of labor.

More conflict ensued once Barber wrote within the Observer concerning her troubles as a choose, even asking, “Is it all a fix?”, a comment afterwards displayed on a Stuckist demonstration placard, a lot of to her chagrin. This time the The Judges were: Lynn Barber, journalist, The Observer; Margot Heller, director, South London Gallery; Matthew Higgs, Director  and Chief keeper, White Columns, New York; Andrew Renton, author  and Director of Curating, Goldsmiths school Nicholas Serota, director, poet  and Chairm an of the Jury

Turner Prize for the year 2007

Turner Prize
Turner Prize

The winner of this prize this year got £25,000 Prize was Mark Wallinger. His show at there was Sleeper, a movie of him wearing a bear costume wandering around an empty depository.  However the prize was formally given for UK, that recreated all the objects in Brian Haw’s anti-war show in Parliament Square of London.

The judges of this prize counseled Wallinger’s work for its “immediacy, visceral intensity and historic importance”, and known as it “a daring political statement with art’s ability to articulate basic human truths.” The prize was conferred by Dennis Hopper.

turner prize
turner prize

For the primary time in its 23-year history, this prize was controlled outside London, in poet city (in support of city being thence Capital of Culture in 2008). at the same time there was an exhibition of previous winners at poet kingdom in London.

Turner Prize was unlike in recent years, Sir Saint Nicholas Serota wasn’t the jury chairman; instead, the chairman was Christoph Grunenberg, the Director of poet city. The panel was: Fiona Bradley, Director of the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh; Michael Bracewell, critic  and author Thelma Golden, Director  and Chief keeper of the Studio depository, Harlem; Mir Anda Sawyer, author  and broadcaster Christoph Grunenberg, Director of poet city (Chairman of the Jury)

turner prize
turner prize

The nominees were:
Mark Wallinger for his poet kingdom installation, UK; Nath an Coley, a urban center creative person, the art  agency makes installations supported buildings. Zarina Bhimji, a Ugandan Asian artist  and producer Mike Nelson,  an installation creative person Nelson  and Wallinger had each  decadently been appointive for the prize.

The Stuckists declared that they weren’t demonstrating for the primary time since 2000, owing to “the disability of walking of this year’s show, that doesn’t benefit the laurels of the normal demo”. Instead, art cluster AAS re-enacted previous Stuckist demonstrations in protest against their own observe at the Royal normal Turner Prize amusement.

Turner Prize  in 2008

turner prize
turner prize is the best artwork for the art competition

In 2008 this prize went to Mark Leckey. He was the winner of the Turner Prize of 2008. For the second year running, Sir Saint Nicholas Serota didn’t chair the jury; instead Stephen Deuchar, director of poet kingdom, was the chair. The opposite members were Jennifer Higgie, editor of frieze, Daniel Birnbaum, minister of the Städelschule international art academy, Frankfurt, designer David Adjaye, and Suzanne Cotter, senior keeper, trendy Art Oxford.

The Turner prize winner received £25,000 and also the alternative 3 nominees £5,000 each. In recent years the prize has attracted business support, however didn’t have any throughout the 2008 events. The nominees were Runa Islam, Mark Leckey, Goshka Macuga, and Cathy Wilkes; the Prize exhibition opened at poet kingdom on thirty Gregorian calendar month  and also the winner was declared on first December of this year.

Turner Prize  in 2009 and in 2010

Turner Prize
Turner Prize

This year the winner of the the prize got  £25,000. The Prize was given by Wright. Stephen Deuchar once more chaired the jury. The other shortlisted artists were Enrico David, Roger Hiorns  and Lucy Skaer.

In 2010 the winner of this prize was Susan Philips art agency graduated from professional dancer of Jord an stone school of Art in Dundee. She was the primary creative person ever to win with a strictly aural work, having created and installation beneath 3 bridges in urban center during which she herbaceous plant folk lories versions of the ocean shanty “Lowlands Away”. For the prize, the work consisted merely of loudspeakers put in on the walls in an exceedingly gallery area. The opposite artists appointive were dextral Dalwood, Angela de la Cruz, and also the Otolith cluster.

Turner Prize in 2011

turner prize
turner prize

This year Turner Prize was for the 2011 Turner Prize passed off in Gates head at the Baltic Centre for modern Art, removed from the poet in London for the primary time since 2007. The winner was Martin Boyce. The opposite nominees were Karla Black, Hilary player and George Shaw. The prize ceremony was interrupted by the international flasher Mark Roberts  art agency was employed by the creative person Benedikt Dichg ans. 149,770 folks visited the exhibition in Gateshead creating it the foremost visited the exhibition ever.

Turner Prize in 2012 and 2013

This year the prize went to the nominees for the 2012 prize were Spartacus Chetwynd, Luke Fowler (graduate of professional dancer of Jordanstone school of Art), Paul Noble  and Elizabeth worth. Former Talulah Gosh member Elizabeth worth was awarded the £25,000 prize.

turner prize
turner prize

In 2013 the prize went to famous artists. The 2013 Turner Prize were control at Ebrington sq. in Derry, the first-time the prize was awarded outside European country, as a part of the United Kingdom town of Culture celebrations. The prize jury was chaired by Penelope Curtis, Director of poet kingdom. The nominees for the 2013 award were Laure Prouvost, Tino Sehgal, David Shrigley, and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye. The winner of the 2013 prize was Laure Prouvost.

Turner Prize in 2014 and in 2015

The nominees for the 2014 award for Turner Prize were professional dancer Joseph Campbell, Ciara Phillips, James I. A. Richards and Tris Vonna-Michell. The winner of the 2014 prize was professional dancer Joseph Campbell.

In 2015 the prize nominees were beautiful Camplin, Janice Kerbel, Nicole Wermers, and Assemble. The winner of 2015 Turner was Assemble. The exhibition was control in urban center, Scotland, within the Tramway, a recent art, theater  and dance house.

Turner Prize winner for 2016 and 2017

The nominees for the 2016 award were arch angel Deananthea Hamilton, Helen of Troy marten cat,  and Josephine Pryde. The winner was Helen of Troy marten cat.

Turner Prize in 2017 and 2018

The nominees for the 2017 Turner Prize Winners award were Lubaina Himid, Rosalind Nashashibi, Hurvin  anderson,  and  Andrea Büttner. The exhibition was control in Hull, at the Ferens Picture Gallery, as a part of Hull kingdom town of Culture 2017. The winner was Lubaina Himid.

The nominees for the Turner Prize Winners 2018 award were rhetorical design. The Turner Prize nominees 2018 were Naeem Mohaiemen, Charlotte Prodger,  and Luke Willis Thompson. All were video artists. Charlot Prodger became  Turner Prize winner 2018.

The order was caught up by author and critic Jazzm an Basciano, Elena Filipovic, director, Kunsthalle Basel; Lisa lupus Feuvre, executive of Holt/Smithson Foundation; and writer Tom McCarthy. The winner was Charlotte Prodger.

Public perception of Turner Prize

In favor

• Critic Richard Cork aforesaid, “there can ne’er be a substitute for approaching new art with  an open mind, unencumbered by rancid clichés. As long because the prize facilitates such engagement, the excitement encompassing it’ll stay a minor distraction.”
• In 2006, editorialist Janet Street-Porter condemned the Stuckists’ “feeble knee-jerk reaction” to the prize  and aforesaid, “The prize  and Becks Futures each lure thousands of kids into art galleries for the primary time once a year. They fulfill a valuable role”.
• Sarah William Thornton aforesaid that the prize “has a name for being a reliable indicator of  an artist’s ability to sustain a vivacious art observe over the long run, however maybe it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. The non-public confidence gained from being appointive will impress  an artist’s ambitions, whereas the museum’s public endorsement results in additional exhibition opportunities.”
• D an Fox, associate editor of frieze, aforesaid that the prize ought to be thought-about a measuring instrument for the mood of the state.

Opposes of Turner Prize

• The Evening normal critic Bri an Sewell wrote “The  annual farce of the art prize is currently as inevitable in Gregorian calendar month as is that the pantomime at Christmas”.
• Critic Matthew Collings wrote: “This art prize relies on a formula wherever one thing appearance surprising initially then seems to be expressing some reasonable plan, that someone are absolute to tell you concerning. The concepts are ne’er necessary or maybe extremely concepts, additional notions, just like the notions in advertising. no one pursues them anyway, as a result of there is nothing there to pursue.”
• The critic David Lee has argued that since the re-organization of the prize in 1991 the order has been dominated by artists delineate by a little range of London dealers, particularly Saint Nicholas Logsdail of the Lisson Gallery, fetal. closely coupled to the collector Charles Saatchi: Jay Jopling, Maureen Paley and Victoria Miro. The Lisson Gallery has had the foremost success of  any gallery with the Turner Prize from 1991 to 2004.
• In 2002, Culture Minister ( and former pupil himself) Kim William De an Howells stapled the subsequent statement to a board in  an exceedingly area specially-designated for visitors’ comments:
“If this will be the simplest British artists who can turn out then British art is lost. it’s cold mechanical, abstract bullshit. Kim William Dean Howells.
P.S. The makes  an attempt at conceptualization are notably pathetic  and characteristic  an absence of conviction.”
Alternative  and spoof prizes
The prize has spawned varied alternative prizes in reaction to or ridiculing it. In 1993, the K Foundation gave an ” anti-Turner Prize” of £40,000 for the “worst creative person in Britain” with constant list because the official prize: the winner of each prizes was wife Whiteread.

In 1999, Trevor Prideaux organized the continuing the prize as “a crap art competition… you’ll enter something you wish, however it should be rubbish”; the judgement criteria embrace “Lack of effort” and “Is it shit?” In 2000, the Stuckists instituted “The Real Turner Prize” for painters, and an “Art Clown of the Year Award” for “out standing sub normality within the visual arts,” each continuing within the future years (the Clown award given in 2002 to Serota for the prize).

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